I’m the media, You’re the media, We’re the media.

19 01 2010

Do you own a cell phone? Do you own a computer? Then you my friend are a journalist. The definition of  a “journalist” may have changed over the years, but with the rise of citizen journalism all over the world, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The future of news is coming from non-standard news sources, leaving the media at a slight disadvantage. Ground breaking stories and worldly events are uncontrollable. In some instances, this means that an “average Joe” is the first man on the scene, with his camera phone, twittering updates. Technology has played a great role in this as well. Those who used to listen to the news are now realizing that they are a part of it. Broadcasting and journalism have become interactive and we are all minor players in this multimedia game. This balance of traditional and contemporary ways of covering the news has changed the way the world becomes informed. There is so much power and flexibility available to non-professionals that journalism has become an “everyman profession”. Dan Gillmor has summed up this phenomenon perfectly. “Yesterday’s news was a lecture, today’s news is a conversation”.  

In response to We the Media by Dan Gillmor.

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