The magic of instant news

19 01 2010

Online journalism is like magic. If something happens on the other side of the world and everyone does not hear about it within hours, there must be something wrong with the journalism system. But this thought of instant news was never even thought of 20 years ago. In 1901 there were only a few hundred reporters in the United States; it was a tight group of elite news reporters. Now we are all part of the media. There is only a fine line of separation left. The proximity, prominence, and location of the reporters used to be the biggest problem with news reporting. Now that is not the case. Web blogs can be updated instantly over a cell phone, passing along information from an event in China, to the rest of the world at one time. Just like that! The job of online journalists is to feed and share information for a new generation of informed citizens. Combining journalism experience and online experience gives you the best advantage to make it in this field. The use of interactivity between the reporter and the reader has made both parties closer than ever before.

In response to Online Journalism by Richard Craig





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