Journalist’s Top Ten

21 01 2010

A response to Ten things every journalist should know in 2010 by John Thompson

1. How to monitor Twitter

2. You are in control

3. You are a curator

4. Your beat will be online

5. Core journalistic skills are still crucial

6. Journalism needs a business model

7. You are your own brand

8. You need to collaborate

9. Stories do not end once they are published online

10. Technology is unavoidable

Tips like this for budding journalists are priceless. Not only can we use this to our advantage, we may even break and newsworthy story of our own. I agree with Thompson that Twitter is where it’s at for fast information. (Follow me @katprz). Controlling the content and interpreting it in a way that is interesting to your readers also makes a great journalist. Being able to know the business you are working in and branding yourself correctly is great advice to help you succeed. Collaboration and content that can be constantly updated is such a great innovation. We have great tools available to us that journalists before us never had. Editing content while it is in the hand of the reader is mind-boggling. But in my opinion, what can be viewed as the most important thing for journalists to know is that technology is avoidable. With all the great things we can do online and with social media, it’s exciting to think what is to come in the future.

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