Excuse me while I lead the way

21 01 2010

Collaborative creation is the new way to produce. While we used to have media and news delivered to us from a singular source, we are now faced with a multitude of numerous venues for information. It is no longer a way one street. Produsage has turned media into a 10 lane highway with people coming and going as they please. Brun explains, “User-led content creation in this new model harnesses the collected, collective intelligence of all participants, and manages-through in some cases better than in others-to direct their contributions to where they are best able to make a positive impact”. Blogs and sites like Wikipedia have turned the internet into a widespread collaboration for large group of users. Consumers are no longer forced to accept what they are told and they can now tell the producers what they want. We are experiencing a continuing paradigm shift. What is fascinating is that consumers can now communicate and engage directly instead of going through any sort of medium, while bypassing producers and distributors all together. This phenomenon does not only affect an elite group of people either. Trendwatching suggests that anyone with even a tiny amount of creative talent can, and most likely will, be part of this not-so-exclusive trend.

In response to Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life & Beyond by Axel Bruns

(via produsage.org)




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