Coming up with something good

27 01 2010

Becoming an interesting writer is what this business is all about. Whoever can find the most amazing story that can relate the most amounts of people, will be the most successful. We found from this reading assignment for week three, that choosing and brainstorming a correct story idea is critical. There are numerous ways to go about generating a great story idea, as mentioned in the text. Finding a local spin on an international story is always a good choice. People like to see how they are connected to the world. A lot of the news coverage in Buffalo during the Haiti crisis revolved around local people affected by this tragic situation. Also, profiles on newsworthy people were mentioned as well. People love to read about people and I find other people’s lives fascinating. I am a lover of biographies and other personal stories where intimate details are shared. It is all about the geometry of the right angle, as mentioned in the reading. You can either revisit an overdone story or you can put a great spin on an old topic, which will bring more readers as well as inform. Any story can be made uninteresting, but it is up to us, as the journalists and reporters of tomorrow to keep vivid information alive. Choosing the right story idea may be the hardest task you have in creating a great media package or article. But one thing is for sure, no matter what you are writing about, someone cares and someone is interested. It’s all about finding the right audience for your work, in order to make it successful.

In response to Online Journalism Chapter 3 (Generating and Focusing Story Ideas)

(via SNN newsroom)




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