And then there were three

2 02 2010

So the topics have been brainstormed. And after some great discussions with family, friends, and fellow classmates, I have narrowed down my decision to base my Online Journalism class project on some pretty interesting topics. The effects of cultural dance and staying true to tradition based on ethnicity, a behind the scenes look at the making of a student produced major concert, and how the world might just become greener because of student activists. There was a lot to choose from, but these are the final three:

Dance: A Cultural Experience

Since I am an Irish dancer and very involved in my culture, I figured I could develop a story on students here at the University at Buffalo who also participate in cultural dance. There are students from over 100 countries here and I know a lot of them who take part in traditional cultural dances. We also have an event, International Fiesta, where these are showcased into a big production. This would be a very colorful story and I’m leanign toward it for my number one choice.

The Making of a Fest – student produced concerts

This story would follow the Entertainment department here at school in their efforts to produce Spring Fest (one of the two annual major concerts put on by the student government. Tons of planning is involved and I have worked behind the scenes with a few of these productions in the past as event staff. I could talk to three or four people in the department about how the process works, how to accomodate fans, deals with artists, signing contracts, and day of show happenings.

Sustainability – How students are fixing the planet

This year, my on campus job required me to share an office with the Environmental Department. This opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects of just how involved students are becoming with saving the planet, or at least raising awareness for it. This is sort of an overdone topic though and could come across like a lot of other news stories already out there. So of the three I narrowed it down to, this would be my last choice.




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