A picture says a thousand words

5 02 2010

Nothing can move a person more than a visual image. Photojournalism has become one of the more interesting ways of developing news all around the world.  There are so many ways to capture a single moment in time, with different angles, positions, lighting, and background. Even the smallest and unnoticed things in the world can become beautiful through a photograph.  Photographing people in action is a great way to take a photograph.  You don’t notice the small instants that can happen, especially with dancers or athletes where time is everything. Choosing close up shots versus whole picture shots is also a great way to take a fantastic photograph.  Sometimes getting the whole view and background makes a big statement. But then on the other hand, small, intimate, and close up shots can be incredibly meaningful. Catching candid shots I feel is one of the best ways to take a picture. When there is limited posing, that’s when the subjects true emotions and feelings can be caught in an instant. It is a beautiful way to take a snapshot of a memory.




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