A Visual War

22 03 2010

A combined response to The Long Haul, Sides of the Wire, and How I cover the Afghanistan war with the 5DmkII.  

If we have learned anything new from recent wars overseas, it is that they have been more visually available than ever. With the technology available today, images can be sent and posted all over the world. This is something that has never been seen before with any other conflict. The impact of a single photo can be so meaningful, especially in incredibly dangerous circumstances. Hope, joy, sorrow, and tragedy are all readily present. Emotions are just flooding out of people’s faces in these types of images. It is remarkable to view. As in “The Sides of the Wire”, the American presence overseas in Afghanistan makes life different for the everyday citizen. American soldiers are now as common as the man selling bread on the street or the woman walking to a mosque. One could argue Americans are nowhere near as affected by the constant reminder of war as the people of Afghanistan. But thanks to photojournalists, we can now be exposed to more information than ever before.




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