The Power of Video

26 04 2010

In response to Herbert Zettl’s “Video Basics 3” Chapter 5.

Up to this point, our entire projects have consisted of photography and writing. Now it is time to get a little more creative. What I learned from the video reading assignment is that taking video can be as interesting and creative as you want it to be.

Creating a new angle or a new look can make the everyday interview looking incredibly engaging. Rather than shooting someone head on at medium length away, why not shoot from a corner of the room at a different height? There are so many options.

I had never capture a lot of video before, but since working on this project I have found myself bringing my flip camera with me everywhere just I case I can get a good clip. You never know when you will need to capture something.

What I liked about the videotext was that they gave you all sorts of information and tips as well. It was a great article.




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